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Florida's medical marijuana laws can seem complicated and unnecessary but the important thing to take away is that medical marijuana is now legal for Florida residents and there's licensed doctors that handle the legalities of your authorization. Using our Florida Medical Marijuana Card Company, you can get scheduled with a nearby doctor who specializes in alternative treatments like medicinal cannabis. We help you not only get scheduled for this evaluation but we assist you throughout the authorization process as well.

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Marijuana in Florida and Cannabis Cards

Medical marijuana cards are available to Florida residents who are suffering from seizures, cancer, acute muscle spasms or long term medical conditions that have been considered not treatable in reference to the compassionate cannabis act terms. There are many qualifying conditions and the list of symptoms that qualify a patient for medicinal cannabis in Florida is expected to expand heavily over the coming years. However, getting your medical cannabis card is easy with the Florida Marijuana Card Company. Our licensed physicians and doctors are standing by, ready to schedule your appointment and provide authorization, while following the state's new laws enacted by Amendment 2.

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Step 1: Getting your paperwork and medical history ready for approval

To qualify for a medical marijuana card in Florida, you need to be a resident first. The easiest way to prove this is with a Florida identification card or driver’s license. If you don’t possess either of these documents, you will at least need some other form of state identification card such as a passport card accompanied with proof of residency like utility bills, bank statement, etc.

In a case of a minor, you will require written consent from a guardian or parent. A second supporting document from another qualified doctor is also required.

Step 2: Find a Qualified doctor - Fill out our form to schedule your appointment!

The state of Florida usually maintains a list of doctors they consider qualified to give marijuana prescriptions. These physicians have trained in special courses and have also passed several other requirements.

You will get examined by the doctor to verify whether you suffer from either of the medical marijuana qualifying conditions. Be aware that Florida state law requires one to try various typical treatments for the ailment first. That is why it is important to bring with you all your medical history records that document the other types of treatments you have undergone however not succeeded. If your records are in order, the physician can write you a prescription on the spot.

Once you are approved for prescription, you will automatically be added to the state’s use registry, and you will receive your card.

Step 3: Find a Dispensary

At the moment, the state has authorized only six organizations to dispense medical marijuana to patients with cards. They are;

  • Surterra Therapeutics
  • CHT Medical
  • Green Solution
  • Knox Nursery
  • Trulieve
  • Modern Health Concepts

Some of the organizations such as Trulieve and Surterra deliver statewide.

In a nutshell, that is all you require to get Florida medical marijuana card. The greatest milestone you need to handle first is getting your paperwork ready for verification by a qualified physician and then finding a dispensary once approved.

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